June 04, 2014


Happy wednesday!

Last monday I went to the movie theatre and FINALLY I got to watch The Fault in Our Stars (went to a premiere). :-)
I must confess that I didn't watched the trailer before, I only knew that Shailene was Hazel Grace but I didn't wanted to know about the other actors; that helped my imagination to work while I was reading the book. It might sound rare but I really enjoyed it that way.
I didn't knew about Ansel Elgort until the "Augustus meets Hazel Grace" scene came out! AND I WAS FREAKING OUT! In my mind, my Augustus was Dave Franco, and it will still be. Actually I really loved Ansel acting BUT Dave has something that works better in my imagination as August.
And for Isaac, I don't remember who I imagined but I liked better the one in my mind.
I really liked Shailene as Hazel, maybe because I knew that she was the actress doing that character and I always pictured her as Hazel.

I don't want to spoil so I must stop writing about this!

I'm so into the TFIOR mood that I am doing and special post, and here's how I pictured the actors in my mind. And some quotes I made up. Guess my toughts on the actors where such a Hollywood choices.  

Dave Franco as Augustus Waters 

 Greg Kinnear as Hazel's Father 

Leslie Mann as Hazel's Mom

Malin Akerman as Lidewij

Roger Bart as Peter Van Houten 

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